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I've found a couple of issues with the Canvas appliance. How do I get in contact with the maintainers?

1) When clicking the edit button on assignments, the content disappears. I have to copy the content to the clipboard and paste the content into the editable assignments to preserve it.

2) When viewing discussions, the post divs along with the poster's name are visible but the content is missing.


I'm using the standard Canvas-LMS appliance. I have the same problem as Jerrill, as far as content in assignments goes – really irritating. 

Weirder, and worse in a way, if the word "object" or any word with "object" in it, like "objective" appears in the text of an assignment (and I think maybe other types of content), it won't render. It is there for editing, but it disappears when not editing. I'm sure this is a weird parse problem.

I've talked to the people at Canvas about this, and they can't reproduce it. So the problem may be specific to the version that was converted to an appliance, or something that was done to the canvas code by tkl?

I would LOVE to upgrade my installation of canvas, as it appears this is not a problem with recent versions. HOW do I do that? 

As an observation about the TKL service: I signed up for TKL because a.) Canvas has a requirement that makes it hard/impossible to get to run on Heroku, and b.) you promote yourself as an out-of-the-box, no-configuration service. You almost came through on what I needed, but the promise of an OOTB solution, so I could focus on content is not coming through here.

I'm OK with doing the work to upgrade, IF there's a clear, well-explained path to do it. But there are no guides to say how I can do that, and I'm not interested in TKL becoming another do-it-yourself service where I have to be a sysadmin. That's why I abandoned Joyent 6 years ago and went to Heroku.

Not meant to be disparaging, the service is impressive, but the updgrade path thing seems to be your weak point for the huge non-tech-focused audience you should be reaching. That, or more attention to keeping your appliances up-to-date, OR a way to allow me to choose the version I want to install is needed.

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But FWIW I have lodged a bug on the TKL Issue tracker.

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On the new TKL v13.0 appliance so I have closed the bug on the issue tracker. If someone disagrees and/or finds another bug then please feel free to reopen the bug I just closed or open a new one (as appropriate).

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