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Hey guys, total "Turnkey" newbie here.

I must be missing something huge.

I downloaded "turnkey-owncloud-12.1-squeeze-i386.iso", transferred it on a USB Stick with unetbootin (My first mistake?) and tried to boot it using the "install to disk" option. Well, it does boot, but then it stops at the "initramfs" prompt and stay right there with my only option being to type "help" for more commands. I've been googling about this for an hour without success.

What am I missing? Do I absolutly need to install this on a VM? I was under the impression that I could install this 200M ISO directly on my clean HD to have a lean server install to run owncloud. Am I wrong? Having to install this on a VM or an existing server seem to void the reason why I wanted to try the "turnkey" option in the first place, which was to save HD space. 

Any insight would be quite appreciated.

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From my experience Debian in general (at least the newer versions) don't seem to like UNetBootin... If you have a Linux system already running I have successully used the Linux commandline utility dd to write a Debian install OS to USB. However I have not actually tested this with TKL as I only run it as a VM.

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