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I have (2) physical servers as part of a 4-node Proxmox cluster.  The (2) I am referring to, let's call them Server A and Server B, have ~1.2TB each.  On server A, I am running a file appliance.  On server B, I have basically unused.

Question is-- has anyone take two psychical hosts (servers) and combine the storage to appear as one large volume on a NAS app?  while I know I could load another file app on server B and use that storage.

I would like to know if this is possible:  Server A = File Server app + 1TB storage, Server B = either File Server app + 1TB storage + NFS/ZFS some how mounted on Server A's file server app to give Server A's file server app 2TB storage OR, no file app on Server B and just mounting some of it's storage to Sever A file app (nfs/zfs, something like that?)

Does what/how I am describing make sense?  I just don't know enough about network storage in Linux to know how to go about it, what caveats there may be (i.e if Server B goes off line, doses that make ALL of Server A file app unusable?)

Any feedback is greatly appreciated, thank you in advance!


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