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just installed a redmine VM, when i tried to change keyboard with the console command: dkpg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration it says packdge not installed. After a software update on all packdges it works, but the defenitions I choose dont't work. on the console I always get the US keyboard layout instead PT!!!


Any ideias?


Paulo R

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But IIRC the guy couldn't work it out and gave up... I can't offer any help but i suggest that you perhaps try posting on the Debian forums (TKL v12.x is based on Debian Squeeze).

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Ok, here is the solution I've found.


1 - go to the webmin and do this SYSTEM -> SOFTWARE PACKADGES -> UPGRADE ALL

2 - (I don't recall if the order was this) go to the console and do the following:

apt-get install console-data

apt-get install console-setup

apt-get install console-locales

apt-get install keyboard-configuration

all of these should install OK now.

3 - just do the dpkg-reconfigure for each of the packets above. REBOOT.

and that was it, I finally got PT keyboard configurated. This worked for me... give it a try.



Paulo R

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I want to say thanks to Paulo as I was surfing Internet in order to find the solution to the problem and luckily I came here! I tried the algorythm you enlisted and it worked! You've done a good job, really! Thanks again!

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My VM keyboard was giving me headache ever since installation, and you really helped me out. Much appreciated.

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Problem solved:)

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