Is it safe to change the Hub backup account associated with an install?

I have a couple of virtual servers being backed up (very nicely thank you) with TKLBAM but they are against my own account so that I could watch the process and check jobs/costs. Now I want to transfer the backup payment and access to someone else.

I had assumed I could change the key and backups would start afresh from the new account?

So questions are mainly around the idea of transferring existing backups to another account and how much, if any, of the existing backups I can access without a download/upload cycle.

Off topic slightly but interested to see if I've missed this ability?

Slave machines, if Server A is being backed up to Cloud and also to a local Server B I could in the event of failure promote Server B without having to recover the latest backup from the cloud.

I have backup “SME Server” installs running AFFA and in the event of a failure I can get to last backup and replace the working ~250G server in around 15-20minutes.



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Is restore the backup to a new VM (to test the backup) and once you have confirmed that all is well reitialise TKLBAM with the --force switch like this:

tklbam-init --force NEW_HUB_APIKEY

Then run a full backup an ensure that all is well...

OK that sounds good, I created a new install while testing virtual disk/  LVM inrease so just have to restore 26GB backup.

Does make me wonder if there could be some way to transfer a TKLBAM account to another person in the event of a company change etc.

Many thanks for the info.


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