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I am trying LAMP, I tried to download the VM version first, it didn't work. Same with the ISO, the error message is because my OS is not supported. 

Anyone knows if there is or there was a lamp stack release for win7.




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BTW, I am using Oracle VM VirtualBox

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then it should just work... Although TBH I too have had issues getting 64 bit OS (of any type inc Linux & Win) to run/install on VirtualBox (running on Win7 x64).

So easiest path is to just download the 32 bit version... Here is the 32 bit VMDK or Here is the 32 bit ISO (both TKL v12.1 LAMP appliance). 

If you want other appliances then go to the TKL SourceForge site >> Files. Select your preferred format (ISO or VMDK for VirtualBox) then find the file to download (look for 'i386' in the filename for 32 bit - amd64 means 64 bit).

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