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Help Trying to recover from database failure of Drupal 7 device.  Restore backup from TKHUB fails wth error: Giving Up after 5 attempts. Each attempt fails with Timeout - Reason:TimeOut on each attempt of xxxx.vol.1237.  I tried also to restore excluding file system changes - same results.  How do I recover the system?  My backup is 23.7GB in size.


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This failing restore is to a local server.  Installed TK 12.1 Drupal7 from scratch and by installing each backup individually by select backup using date - from 5D (3.2gb) ,4D (5gb), 3D (8gb) 2D (465mb).  All restore now w/o error however Drupal is not happy - looking further I see no databases were restored. Only filesystem.  Re-restore skipping filesystem still does not restore db.

Rented Amazon server and restored backup to it  - cant even log into PhPMyAdmin or SQL to see if dbs imported but the but file system is intact.  The backup did not pass on my SQL credentials maning me think it doesnt exist.  Something is REALLY jacked up with the db backups...

 UGH. Attempts to restore from SQL dump fail with PMA error.  Yikes!  Mow have the green shades on and going deep.  

I choose TurnKey for fault-tolerence and to insulate me from my goofs.  Its definitly not "Pete Proof" yet!

update:  Most relevant data restore via sqldump restore.  Thankfully I hade one a few days out for key tables!

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