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So has been down for nearly 3 days now, and so I've been unable to access my TKL Hub account. Since it's an openID login, I can't request a password reset to gain access either.

On examination, I'm seeing that they've recently announced the service will be shutting down in February 2014. So I expect not much admin time is being given to the service and it's possible the site may not come back up for some time. 

How do I regain access to my TKL account? I'm using it for a client project which is coming due soon, so this is starting to become stressful!

(My login uses the OpenID

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Please email me (alon AT referencing this thread and include your Hub account email address. I'll then enable your account for password reset.

As a side note, pity about myopenid. I used them a few years ago and have good memories.

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