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Hi all,

I have the TKL file server version 12. Used for taking the backup of some McAfee based solution.

The TKL file server has a NAS volume mounted where the backups are actually stored. The setup seems to be working perfectly fine.

The issue is as below.

I have created some users on the TKL server who manage this backup process i.e. take backup from the McAfee appliance using their id and post it to the NAS volume through the TKL file server.

Currently when after they are taking the backup when they login to the TKL file server using the Winscp to check if the backups are successfully taken or not they are not able to see anything under /srv/storage folder and also when they press the refresh button they get an error window saying that:Error code: 3 Error message from server: Permission denied Request code: 11.

I have attached the screenshots for this.





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IIRC by default /srv/storage is owned by root, but has 777 privleges (i.e. anyone can read/write/execute). To ensure that is still how it is try this on your server (as root);

chmod -R 777 /srv/storage

That sound resolve your error. However I suspect that the backup itself is failling too as for you to encounter that error the external backup wouldn't be able to write there either...

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