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I want to learn LAMP as it definitely is the language of the future. However i have no knowledge of programming in C C++ or anything of that sort. I just have some knowledge of sql and microsoft troubleshooting for computers. What do i need to learn in order to grasp LAMP thoroughly.





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It is more of a platform, aka a web stack. It stands for Linux Apache MySQL and PHP (although in the case of the TKL LAMP appliance the P could also stand for Perl and/or Python).

Linux is the operating system (Debian in the case of TKL).

Apache is the web server (Apache2 is the most common one these days and is what is included in TKL).

MySQL is a SQL database (somewhat similar to MS SQL Server, although not totally compatible).

PHP is a server side programing language. It is generally used to create dynamic HTML. Perl and Python can also acheive these same ends and although not probably quite as popular as PHP (in regards to server side dynamic HTML) they are still used quite a bit.

All these technologies are quite generic and lots of info can be found all over the internet. You will find tons of tutorials, blogs, videos, etc so I would suggest Google is probably the best place to start your learning! :)

Client side dynamic HTML (e.g. Javascript) is becoming pretty a big deal these days too...

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