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Out of space on my lamp, how do I make the volume larger?  I started out with a 20 gig vm, and now it is full. what are the steps to (migrate?) the data to a larger vm?  Or is there a way to expand the volume?

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You could just add an extra vHDD (aka PV - physical volume) and extend the LV (logical volume), or (if your virtual Environment supports it) you could increase the size of your current vHDD then increase the size of your logical volume to use the new space. The former is covered in this blog post which will give you a basic understanding of LVM, it also somewhat covers the later IIRC (although I think you'll need to find out how to extend the PV from your virtual environment docs). Regardless make sure you have a backup of your data (if you don't already - but if you don't have a backup regime you probably should anyway...)

Another option would be to create a whole new VM (with a larger vHDD) and migrate your data into it. With the release of TKL v13.0 that may kill 2 birds with one stone anyway! You could use TKLBAM, but with 20GB of data your backup and restore may take a while to upload and download all that data (obviously depending on your internet bandwidth). Another way to go would be to copy across the data. You could do that manually (using an FTP client such as Filezilla) or you could use the command line SCP directly between the machines (ssh into one server and then push/pull the files to/from the other using scp - like here).

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