This edit is to rmove my question, this is the end of the trial and servers where deleted.

We where unable to quickly and easilly setup large file upload support (4Gigs) under the Turnkey-EC2 service. It was a nice trial, but an important goal was "ease of install and maintenance".  I'm still using it as my personal music server at home; but this version is not ready for large business files as we need it.

Thanks to everyone who helped out with answers here, you know who you are ;)

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The below link gives you to complete details about installation of owncloud on Amazon EC2

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While the link is interesting, installing the Turnkey-Linux version of OwnCloud on amazon EC2 is a lot easier than what is described by the link. I was done in less than 15 minutes.

Even installing on my own serbver was simpler than than the described steps. So I would not recommend using that link.

My problem was not one of installing, but of suporting large files (4 Gigs or more). I have read numerous web pages on the subject and this appear to be a problem for many users.

Since Amazon S3 (used by OwnCloud under EC2) supports files a lot larger than than, I do not see why it would be so hard to properly configure for large file.

In any case, if I personally still use OwnCloud for my music server at home, on a corporate side we decided to go with Google services.

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