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I have to say, been trying out your appliances, especially your LAMP Appliance for about a few weeks to a month, getting so involved that I revived my Old HP Mini 2133 Notebook and slapped your LAMP appliance and started building on that!, your appliances (in lack of a lengthly description) are just simply AWESOME! 

BUT!!! alas troubled brewed for me, I simply cannot figure out why I cant access webmin, etc from the outside (WAN) ! Let me tell you a little about the setup (just simply)...


  • Dynamic IP (setup with dyndns) and mapping to my domain home.test.com;
  • home.test.com setup and using cloudflare, however for direct remote connections i use ip.test.com and disabled cloudflare acceleration and protection;
  • Port forwarded the ports 22,80,443,12320,12321 on my router;
  • LAN, no issues, any pc can connect to Webmin / Web Shell / phpMyAdmin/ SFTP/ Website / ETC;
  • Used GRC's Shields UP Test and checked if the port is open, turn's out it is!;
  • Can access TKL via SFTP from an outside location (WAN);
  • Can access my websites from an outside location(see below)

Webmin Configruation

  • Using Turnkey LAMP Appliance
  • No IP Controls or ACL's
  • Using Default Appliance ports
  • No change to Turnkey's stock firewall

Web Server Info

  • Default  path : /var/www
  • Running and hosting a few different sites;
  • Placed an "HTML - Redirect" on /var/www, to one of my sites residing in /var/www/public/mywebsite


Hope the info above is enough to help, I have tried all kinds of troubleshooting, trying to trace where its going wrong, bt just cant seem to wrap my finger around it! I went down the thinking at the packet-level but...oops, hit a wall!

Would appreciate if someone can help

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Disappointed that there were no replies to this, but anywho just wanted to let ya'll know that its resolved now, make sure if you are connecting from a corporate environment, that the relevant "OUTBOUND" ports are opened, e.g. 12320, 12321, 22, etc.

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