I built out a current release of the turnkey file server (samba). Pretty much stock build from ovf into VMware 5.1 host. It is accessing a PRDM volume hosted on a local SAN. My xfer speeds are in the 8-11MB a second range. 

Also on this same VMware host I have a Windows 2008 core system sharing a volume hosted on the same local SAN. My xfer speeds are in the 30-50MB a second range. 

Is there any know issues with the Flexable network card driver (from the 3rd party vmwaretools pre-installed on the Turnkeys) or perfomance tweeks that should be made on SAMBA? 

Just looking for any known gotchas before I go digging. 


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It's not an issue I have come across but I don't use VMware either...

If you keep in mind that TKL is built on Debian (v12.x is based on Squeeze; v13.x on Wheezy) then Google may have some info for you?

Issue is in the link speed/driver that is setup via the ovf. Once the NIC was repalced with a E1000 speeds matched my Windows server. The original driver was not reporting all the information.


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Glad you got it sorted. I am unfamiliar with VMware, do you think this is a bug in the TKL OVF image?

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