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I am VERY new to linux and this app.  I hae the FileServer Appliance up and running and I can get to it from my browser jsut fine.  But I have several issues that I need help with.

First, I cannot seem to be able to share or upload files to the system. 

Second, I cannot get to the FTP server over the Internet.

The first problem.  I can login with my broswer choosing the local option and admin.  Here I can cerate usersbut note shares or or directories.  If I login using the samba option and root, I can add directories amd very small files and create shares. I should have over 200GB of disk space so filesize should not be an issue.

When I log in as a user that has only read rights, I cannot find the share I made.

The second problem:  I have setup the dynamic DNS with the HUB and it sees my system.  But I do not get a response when I ping the url but it does show the correct ip address.  How to I access my system from the outside world?

Finally, I am not totally sure if this server will meet my needs.  I need to be able to share FOLDERS not files, and I need to set a access time limit for each user.  I have many users that need access to the same file folders but I want to limit their access to 30 days.  Should they need to access the system again, I can generate a new link and time limit for them.  Speaking of generating links, when I do create a share with the Generate button, it has my local IP address not my public url.

Thank you for your help.


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First, I will try to help you with your file sharing needs. The easiest way to share a folder is to use Webmin. 

In your browser got to https://yourserverip:12321. Loging and go to tools and file manager. Under srv you can create the folders you wish to share. Highlight the folder you want to share and click on the sharing button from the top menu. Hope this helps.

Second, As far as yourFTP and Dynamic DNS setup and accessing through the internet, you didn't mention anything about your firewall. Did you setup forwarding on your firewall to handle the ports?

Third, to my knowledge there is no native option to limit the time a user has access. There may be some Webmin add ons to provide this option.

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