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Yesterday I installed the TurnKey SugarCRM distribution, which was almost a smooth ride. Thanks for that!

At the moment I'm trying to find a route to open an admin console or other user interface to enter the rest of the server, but can't find how to get there. The non Sugar distribution I looked at had a nice GUI to manage the server.

Is there a port that will open the back door to this server, I have tried to find one through a terminal connection but failed.

Cheers, Erik

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All TKL appliances come with Webmin (a server Admin WebUI). It is available via https://<FQDN-or-IP>:12321

If you are running on AWS then the port should already be operational. If you are hosting locally or with someone else then you'll need to adjust network firewall and/or NAT forwarding (the software firewall included in TKL appliances should have an exception already configured but is disabled by default anyway).

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