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I love TKLBAM but I have been workin with PosGres and as TKLBAM prior to 1.4 would not backup Postgres I have not used it on this one appliance.

Fundamentally I want to upgrade the appliance to 13, but would like to do so through TKLBAM.


Can I:  apt-get remove TKLBAM


apt-get install TKLBAM ?

(could I run a simple Upgrade command like

apt-get upgrade TKLBAM

and be done?


or is there more to it so that Webmin etc works properly?

Alternatively, Should I take some Snapshots of Databases (somehow),

Register to USE the existing TKLBAM, backup.

Install new Appliance Foundation.  Restore from TKLBAM

Copy in the Database Snapshots (how?)

and be up and running?


Easy is the word.  Ideally I upgrade TKLBAM and keep usng my current appliance w/ daily backups.

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Hi Arnold,

You may already have the new version of tklbam installed. I also fixed a few security issues so we pushed it through the security updates repo:

root@core ~# dpkg -l tklbam
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Thanks Liraz.  Any thoughts on best course from here?

TurnKey Hub Error: Backup profile archive not found: turnkey-postgresql-12.0-squeeze-x86

Without a profile TKLBAM can't auto-configure the backup process for your
system. Sorry about that! However even without a profile you can still:

- Restore existing backups
- Backup raw directories with the --raw-upload option

You can use the --force-profile option to fix or workaround a missing profile
in several ways:

- Use an empty profile with --force-profile=empty
- Use a custom profile with --force-profile=path/to/custom/profile/

    tklbam-internal create-profile --help

Also, if TKLBAM is linked to the Hub you can:

- Download a profile for another TurnKey system with --force-profile=codename (e.g., "core")
- Download the all-purpose generic profile with --force-profile=generic

Run "tklbam-init --help" for further details.

Generated backup encryption key:

    For extra security run "tklbam-passphrase" to cryptographically protect it
    with a passphrase, which will be needed later to restore. If you use lose
    the passphrase it will be impossible to restore your backup and you may
    suffer data loss. To safeguard against this you may want to create an
    escrow key with "tklbam-escrow".

Linked TKLBAM to your Hub account.
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I fished around on Sourceforge (somewhat complicated) but could only find 64bit Postgres appliances.

My VM system just now only runs 32 Bit (building a server to fix this... but 5 x SAS drives to go).

Guidance on finding?  If I can get ver 12 backed w/ TKLBAM I suppose I could only install 64 bit sometime soon.

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