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Hi all,

after installing the turnkey etherpad package, etherpad runs well.

But it is not possible to install any plugins. Etherpad doesn't find any plugins via the GUI.

If I try to install via command line (npm install ep_<plugin name>), everything seems to be fine but after restarting node.js seems not to run propperly (nginx throws connection error).

What can I do?


Regards, Holger

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No plugins show up in the Plugin manager. Turnkey Linux 12.1

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I set up admin access as per this. Then restarted Node.js & nginx (for good measure... you probably only need to restart one, but not sure which...)

I then logged in as admin and clicked on the 'Plugin manager' link (http://<appliance-IP-or-FQDN/admin/plugins), I thought it may have been stuck as it took a long time to load, but eventually a huge list of plugins appeared! :)

I am testing installing the headings plugin and currently I'm still waiting... (This seems to be taking a very long time...)

[update] I think something is definitely wrong with the plugin instal... I just tried from the commandline and it seemed to install ok, but is not showing up when I start a new pad... I haven't restarted anything though, so perhaps that is required...


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Hi, I've tried restarting nginx and nodejs, but the plugin manager keeps loading plugins for 30+ minutes and then says "no plugins available".

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I wonder if there is something wrong with the DNS resolution that your appliance is getting (i.e. it is unable to resolve the appropriate DNS for etherpad plugins)?

I intend to test this further when I get the time to see if I can also resolve the issue with the header plugin not working... But unfortunately I don't have time ATM...

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I was just wondering since I'd love to be able to install plugins via the web interface.

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Sorry haven't got back to it...
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Under Win8.1 I get a delay, then the server console quits.


Don't find any relevant logs unfortunately.


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Are you running a TKL appliance under VMware or VirtualBox? Or is it installed direct onto Win using WAMP or something similar?

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I suffer the same issue. The reason for this issue is that nodejs and/or nmp is installed and executed as root. When installing new plugins, it wants to access the current configuration/cache in /root/.nmp, which is not accessible as nodejs user...

I don't know what the best way is to solve this...


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I have updated the TKL issue tracker accordingly.

It sounds to me like ideally Node.js and npm should both be running as limited users... (maybe even the same limited user?).

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Just downloaded the appliance and the problem still exists.


Tried CLI NPM install and the plugins just dont show up?

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Have a read of our v140RC1 announcement blog post and you'll get the idea of what's happening... :)

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