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Hello friends, I am pleased to re-write over here.

Well my problem is this . Install debian wheezy 7.2 from 0 ( amd64 netinst CD ) and either install all services , so Turnkey included several services ( that I think are great ) . But I have the following problem occurs .

when I want to access (say squirrelmail ) by internal ip of my lan ( ) I can access mail without any problem, ie I can access all services provided by php and apache2 , samba, webmin and shellinabox (which are the that interest me ) . Now when I connect the server to a dmz or I give public ip directly to my server. I can not access any service. ( Maybe it has something to do with the service xinetd or inetd, do not quite understand that service settings ) . The thing is that I can not connect from another computer that is not on my internal network . What I can do?

PS: To test the necessary ports and doors open link. Turnkey Fileserver can install and access the internal network IP and public IP . ( No problem on that side )

Greetings !

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You don't describe how your public address is represented, but I am assuming you have some kind of router between your internal network and the public network. If you have not setup port forwarding on your router you need to do so. 



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I Try 2 examples:

1.- In the first exercise: I give Direct IP public from my router to debian whezy installed from 0 (in other server for example Turnkey owncloud instantly I access the service). but not in this case when install debian from 0 and turnkey service

2.- In the second exercise: I connect making setup port forwarding on my router and open ports and nothing do. (in other server for example Turnkey owncloud, I setup port forwarding and open ports in my router and everthing fine).

In both exercises I don't know what services is not correctly working. Because only I have service for internal IP. not for access from outside to server debian wheezy installed from 0

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