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I have installed turnkey appliance on ESxi , the VM network is set to work in a subnet of 10.0.X.X,

But the redmine machine alwayes get 192.168.X.X subnet.

What is the reason ? Do I need to change it to static IP , if so How do I login to webadmin as I can not access via the browser, not on the same subnet.



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And it sounds like your appliance is getting a 192.168.x.x IP from your DHCP!? If so I have no idea why your DHCP is handing out an incorrect IP. I would say that is worthy of further investigation on your end... Perhaps you have more than one DHCP server running on your network and there is a race happening and for some reason the one allocating 192.168.x.x address wins with the TKL appliance?

Regardless you could set a static IP to the desired IP address. I am unfamiliar with ESXi but I would assume that there is some sort of console viewer which would allow you to login to the appliance and set a static IP via the TKL Confconsole (what should show when you open the console - if not then start it with the command 'confconsole').


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Thanks so much on the Help.

I tried to figure out where the appliance is getting the subnet IP.

Can you please elebrate what do you mean :TKL Confconsole , How fo I start it with the command 'confconsole' ?




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