It is no Problem for me to access via SSH. Keys works well.

# It is also possible to access via https://[ip-address]

# But there ist no option to access via Navicat, PgAdmin, …

Please help me with the „terms“:

What is your Tunnelhost? The IP?

Username? postgres?

What is the Hostname? The IP?

What is the Error-Code -18?

(SSH error: authentication by identity failed)

A connection via "psql -U postgres -h $ipaddr“ is also not possible.

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I am unfamilair with PostgreSQL so not sure how useful my answers will be...

Tunnelhost: No idea sorry. Perhaps the IP will fulfill that?

Username: I woulld assume that it uses some sort of super admin type account by default (unless/until you add additional users). MySQL has a root user although I don't think PostgreSQL has that. Also you should have set the password on first boot (or pre-launch from the Hub UI if using AWS).

Hostname: The IP may be able to be used in this instance however technically the IP is not the hostname...

Error-Code -18: No idea, I suggest you google that one...

And I'm not quite clear, you say SSH is working fine in your first paragraph but following your mention of "Error-Code -18" you have "(SSH error: authentication by identity failed)" on the next line. Does that mean that the error relates to SSH? If so is SSH working or not?

Also the first thing I would do (assuming that you can access it via SSH) is log in and try to access PostgreSQL locally (i.e. when logged into the machine) and/or using the built in phpPgAdmin. That will at least give you a chance to test your username/password combination. AFAIK you should be able to administer with any remote GUI. The TKL appliance should use the default port (for direct PostgreSQL connection, AFAIK phpPgAdmin doesn't use the default port but I might be wrong...).

The exception to that is is you are using any other appliance than the standalone PostgreSQL appliance itself. If you are using another appliance that includes PostgreSQL (such as the LAPP stack) then PostgreSQL is bound to local host and by default you cannot connect remotely without adjusting it. Hve a look here to reconfigure it to listen remotely. Also if running on AWS (as I assume you are) you'll also need to adjust the security profile (i.e. AWS firewall) - although by default the standalone PostgreSQL appliance should have that set up OOTB.

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