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I seem to be unable to replicate on port 3306 for my sql databases.

I got it all setup and everything seems to work fine.

I have 2 servers both setup to replicate eachother.
One server is able to replicate the database of the other on the internal ip addres.

The other server is only able to replicate on the external ip address and not the internal.

This is a security issue and I don't undertand why they can't replicate both on the internal ip address.

Does anyone has a suggestion?

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But the first thing I would start checking is network connections (obviously if one replicates to the other then all is good in the direction, but perhaps not in the other direction...?)

A simple ping (from the commandline of the machine that won't replicate to the internal IP of the ne not accepting the replication) might be a good place to start?

Following that I'd try connecting to the one that can only be replicated to via public IP from the commandline of the other.

Also probably worth checking logs of both machines (/var/log/mysql.err & /var/log/mysql.log) perhpas there is a hint in there?

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