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I am new to TKL and AWS. I just set up a instance on AWS yesterday. Just to become familiar, I tried shutting it down from the command line, since there is no "Pause" option for the VM in the TKL admin web page. It shut down, but still shows as "Running" in the admin screen. I tried "Reboot" and nothing has changed. It is down. There's no "Start" or "Restart" .. how do I get my instance running, again? It does not show up in my Amazon AWS admin page. I did a search here in the forum and read the FAQ. Sorry if I'm missing something obvious.


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S3-backed (ephemeral)

This type of server stores the root filesystem on a partition attached to your server's local hardware. An S3-backed server can be rebooted but can not be turned off, only destroyed.

The size of the root volume is fixed at 10GB.

Okay then, that would be the problem! :)


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