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I am building an OpenLDAP system to act as an information traslation system between MySoft and SecureLogix ETM system.  MySoft is not LDAP compliant but can output CSV files so I start there.

Buildings.csv has all the information about building address, building number floor room and a unique sequence number.

Stations.csv has all the information about the phone number, user first and last name and a sequence number that associates the station with a building location.

I have created a php program to put the two files into LDIF format and can successfully import the 2 resulting files into my openldap system.

My problem is that no matter how I setup the objectclass hierarchy I can not get inheritance to work, e.g., I need to search a persons sn and have the result include the building location information.

I tried creating the building locations as organizationalPerson using the unique sequence number as the sn and linking the stations as inetOrgPerson via sn of organizationalPerson.  In my browser the hierarchy comes out right so for example sn=1000 will have one of more entries under it showing the stations that have the sequence number 1000 but searching or exporting the information based on search filter looking for the user sn.

Q.  Do I have to somehow mark the necessary attributes that should use the parent information?

Q.  Does the search filter have to specify return inherited information?

Here is an example of the building.ldif:

dn: cn=8807, o=customer, dc=example, dc=com
changetype: add
objectClass: top
objectClass: organizationalPerson
cn: 8807
sn: 8807
ou: 59
postalAddress: 2450***COMBE*BLVD*
physicalDeliveryOfficeName: JPMC
l: 2
destinationIndicator: 0W203

Here is an example of station.ldif:

dn: cn=HOLLY BENNETT, cn=8807, o=customer, dc=example, dc=com
changetype: add
objectClass: top
objectClass: organizationalPerson
objectClass: inetOrgPerson
givenName: HOLLY
telephoneNumber: 7135551212

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or help.

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You might get lucky and someone who knows more than me might be along, however for a specific LDAP question like this you might be better looking to the OpenLDAP upstream support. At a quick glance it looks like they use mailing lists for community support (probably this one I reckon...). I suggest that you post (or even search) on there and see if you can get some 'specialist' input...

Good luck! :)

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