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I was just reviewing my AWS bill, and I am signed up for both Pay-per-use and the Bronze plan. Can I safely cancel the pay-per-use plan without interrupting service?

Also, is there a way to request a refund for the double-billing? For example, this month I was billed both $20 for the Bronze plan and almost $40 in pay-per-use fees.

Is it possible there is some other TK Hub account linked to my Amazon account? If so, how would I track down who it's linked to?



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I just answered a related question, please refer to it for the differences between pay-per-use (S3-backed) and bronze (EBS-backed).

It looks like you have S3-backed servers running. Cancelling the pay-per-use plan will destroy those servers, tread lightly...

Usage of EBS-backed servers don't appear on the same billing page unfortunately, so I'm not sure whether you have any EBS servers running. If you don't, then you could cancel the bronze plan. Additionally, if you haven't used the bronze plan then you can request a refund from Amazon for those months - they will contact us and we'll approve the refund. We don't expect or want users to pay for something they are not using...

If something isn't clear, let me know.


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