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I need to update to PHP 5.3.3 (or more recent) on my TLK 12 appliance. However I can't seem to have an obvious way to achieve this (apt-get).

What is my best course of action ?

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There is no obvious way to do that!

Besides, you probably should be seriously thinking about upgrading to a v13.0 appliance anyway... (Hopefully the appliance that you are using is not one of the blocked ones. Debian Squeeze/6 (the basis of TKL v12.x) will only receive security updates for another few months so migrating now is a good idea. v13.x is based on Debian Wheezy/7 which has PHP v5.4(.4 OTTOMH).

And the way to move to v13.0 is to use TKLBAM.

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