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I'm running a Xenserver environment and can't install the Turnkey from iso.  I already tried with the OVF and VMDK; I get unspecified errors despite Xenserver apparently natively being able to handle either as an import.  Our Xenserver consultant told me that only an OVA would work reliably, so back to the iso I go.

I can boot to the iso and it prompts me to select the installer or live CD versions.  Whichever I pick, I end up getting to an initramfs prompt.  I searched the forums for previous instances but it only seems to have affected previous installs.  

I've pointed its storage to 20gb on a presented volume on an existing server, set the network to DHCP, and that was that - any thoughts?

Screenshot of the prompt attached.

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However, this post may be relevant (although it is for an earlier version of TKL)

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