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Hi all, i'm new at this forum, i have a quick questio, some time ago we have settup lamp server with wersion 12.1 for testing and production, now i see that there is new wersion 13.0, is it possible to upgrade to it. I have tried dist-upgrade but it doesnt work?

Thanx for help

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TKL appliances cannot be 'upgraded' as such (well, technically they could be, but that is not a 'supported' process). The preffered upgrade path is actually to migrate your data to a new instance, rather than upgrade the instance itself.

So the process goes something like this - with some modifications to the process required if you are running TKL directly on hardware (i.e. a bare metal install):

  • Run a TKLBAM backup of your server. The default is to use Amazon S3 storage (which requires an Amazon account) and a TKL Hub account) but there are many other storage options available (although unless you know what you are doing the small cost of Amazon S3 storage is well worth it IMO).
  • Install the newer version of TKL. If running on bare metal I suggest that you skip this step for the moment and instead create a VM or launch an EC2 instance via the Hub to test your backup.
  • Restore your TKLBAM backup to the new server
  • Test that all your data is there and it works as it should (it should be fine, but I don't like to take chances with this sort of thing...)
  • Once you have confirmed that everything is good, destroy your old server (or in the case of a bare metal install, install TKL and restore your data again)
  • Celebrate your new TKL v13 server! :)

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