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I had originally set up the Pay-per-use plan.  I put up a server.  Then I started up the Bronze plan.  It looks like I should have selected some kind of upgrade, because now I have both plans.  My Pay-per-use plan has no servers in it.  

Can I just cancel that plan without screwing up my server on the new Bronze plan?


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To be on the safe side I would run a backup of your server(s) (and test it in a fresh instance so you can feel 100% safe - best practice to regularly test your backups anyway...). Then should be able to simply cancel the pay-per-use plan and all should be well.

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The beauty of using TKLBAM is that you get the opportunity to test your backups! (General best practice is to regularly test backups anyway...)

And as you can have PPU and Bronze concurrently, you don't have to do anything to your current(old/PPU) instance until you can 100% confirm that your new (Bronze) instance is working as it should!

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