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Hello TKLers,

This question may sound out of place, but I'll ask it anyway. I am working with TKL and Scale HC3 and I was wondering if there is a way that I can easily set up a TKLBAM "target" of my own (on a secondary Scale System to service as the DR and backup target site) Is there a TKLBAM appliance that I may install and point the variuos TKL appliances to?

Would be both cool and useful. Please advice.



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But as of the current version TKLBAM can be relatively easily configured to point to anywhere (within reason) that you like (it doesn't need to be the Hub/Amazon S3). Actually that has been possible all along, but it wasn't quite as easy as it is now...

Unfortunately I don't think that the TKLBAM docs have been completely overhauled with all the new stuff - although I could be wrong... - please feel free to let me know if I am! :) So it may be more useful to have a look at the TKLBAM docs on GitHub, probably the TKLBAM v1.4 release notes might be a good start!?

As an after thought, the long answer is yes you could install a TKL Appliance (such as TKL Fileserver) and use that as the target for your backups (with TKLBAM config as per above links)

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I will have a look into this at a later point.

Many thanks!


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