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Is it possible to install a turnkey appliance to a bootable usb drive, so you can free up a hardrive for extra storage. you can do this with freenas. just wondering can this be done with turnkey applianace?


Im runnin the file server aplpliance on a hp micro server. I have one 80gb for turnkey install  then two 1tb drives, one for storage and the other for rsync backup





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But unless you have only a very small harddrive, personally I think it is hardly worth the effort to give yourself an extra few hundred MB of space... (even the larger appliances take up less than 2GB when installed...).

Besides, if you are just purely wanting to have the extra space from the USB, why not just add it after installing TKL to the HDD? If you want to press ahead though, read on...

Unfortunately the manual partitioner (which would make this easier) in the TKL in the install ISO is currently broken. So the long answer is a bit more involved...

The only way to do this that I can be sure of ATM requires your machine being able to boot directly from USB (there are other ways, but I can't test ATM and my memory is a little fuzzy).

It would go something like:

  1. Unplug current HDD and insert USB & TKL CD (burned from ISO).
  2. Boot from CD and install TKL. USB should be only device installer sees and should install there using all the default options...
  3. Once installer is finished (and wants to reboot), power off, remove CD and reconnect HDD.
  4. Boot off USB.
  5. Format your HDD (I use fdisk for that) and manually configure where you wish the HDD to be mounted (add it to fstab so it survives reboots).

If you need more details for step 5, I suggest you have a google (keep in mind TKL v13 is Debian Wheezy in disguise!) Also please feel free to post back if you get stuck and/or if you want to share your experience (and specific steps you used)...

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