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Dear All;

Good day, I'm currently trying to get ultimate use of a Monster server we already own. by installing number of software servers on it using a virtual technolgy. the issue is this server is a fujitsu siemens M4000 series which has only SPARC processors so I wonder if there is any Turnkey Appliances ready for sparc processors or is there's a way to get them made from the open sources.

thank you


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And I have never worked with SPARC so TBH I wouldn't really know where to start with it...

My thoughts would be to look for a distro that supports SPARC but also provides some sort of virtualisation. A quick google turnkey up DiOS. I have never heard of it before and certainly wouldn't vouch for it, but according to my googling it supports KVM virtualisation so you should be able to install TKL (and other OS) as KVM VMs on it fairly easy...

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Thank you very much for you appreciated efforts.


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1st @Jeremy thank you very much for your appreciated efforts.

I've found a Debian release for SPARC processors as of http://cdimage.debian.org/debian-cd/7.4.0/sparc/iso-dvd/

which I might be starting with - not sure when I will take the risk of formating this server yet :) -

then will let you know if any updates.



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I didn't realise that Debian did a SPARC compatible release! I wonder if you could create a TKL SPARC ISO from within a Debian SPARC install? Probably require a little tweaking and fiddling but I reckon it could be done (probably need to use a standard Debian bootstrap as the TKL one is not documented and is only x86 & x86_64 but otherwise should probably all work... I think...

Otherwise you could probably look at installing TKL LXC guests on it (or even just install KVM and install TKL VMs). Sounds like it could be a fun experiment and probably a solid server once up and running...!

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