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Dear Support

This is just some feedback on your Turnkey Joomla and WordPress.

For both WordPress and Joomla I have tried to install the latest  themes and in both cases I have found the new themes give me the white screen of death, I have to remove the theme to correct the problem, I am not sure why ?

I have install a fresh system other then Turnkey and it works so there is a issue with the turnkey build and the lasted themes.

I am not sure if anyone else have experienced this problem before and what they did to rectify it?


Thanks in advance


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Did you just update themes or did you add new ones? Did you update the core as well, or just the themes? Any other things you did (even if they seem inconsequential)?

[update] I just tried to recreate this (upgrade the WP install then upgraded the default themes and plugins) and it worked ok for me. Could you please give instructions on how to recreate this. Thanks.

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Hi Jeremy

Sure the theme that failed in Joomal, I just need to get to the office to confirm, tried about 2-3.

As for WordPress, it was the one below I am not sure if it is all of his themes but the one below does not work , I am happy to send you a copy yo try, just let me know ?


Will get back on the Joomla themes.


Thanks again 


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Thanks very much for the bug report. Although TBH I'm not sure when I can get to it, I'm pretty snowed under with work ATM... I have lodged a bug report on the TKL Issue Tracker on GitHub so it doesn't get forgotten (and buried in the forums). Please feel free to add further info here (and/or on the bug report).


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No Problems Jeremy, thanks again for a great product and all the best for the furture !!!

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Often times Blank Joomla screens are "front end only" or "back end only".  I have had both.

Clearing your Jomla Cache (in Joomla Admin Panel) or disabling cache can sometimes fix.  Going back to other themes (or base Themes) will normally fix.  Often times though you have issues with conflicting css and javascript files which are compunded w/ the new themes.

Turn off certain extensions in the back end and see if that fixes it.  Try different Browsers.

Or, as I recently found, simply enable Javascript on your browser.  There are some extensions that can turn Javascript off and Joomla templates have a lot of Javascript going on.

In the worst case run "Tklbam restore" and get the day build you had yesterday (or when ever it was last working, use the date and time call in TKLBAM).

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