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Hi TK community,

I have a Debian server with many files (several thousands, about 500 GB of disk space). When I try to make full backups, I get a MemoryError error, and the backup process is aborted. The server has 16 GB of memory, and when the process is stopped, the system still has about 9.5 GB free (which apparently means there is no a lack of memory).

I've looked up in the config files for some directive regarding some memory limit, but I didn't find anything.  I am copying here the output, which is exactly the same stored in /var/log/tklbam-backup (I mean, there is no additional info. there) .

Any clue to what's going on here?

Full error message in attached file

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So is this a non-TKL Debian system? Is it Wheezy or something else? What version of TKLBAM are you using (latest is v1.4)? When you say it has 500GB of files, is that the whole system or the files that are configured to be backed up?

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