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Ok,  so we built a new VM.   We went to Administration page,  and tried to add a new user, and we immediately get a "server error".  So, in meantime, we decided to use the "admin" user already setup.

Ok,  then we tried to add a new site...  We picked "", and "tracker" as the name, then we also get a "server error".

Unfortunately, we were unable to get the web server to display the python stack trace, there is no documentation we found anywhere that tells us how to get this display.   So,  we edited the /far/www/sample/  This forums forms page does not like showing my cursor.  So there will be uncorrectable typoes 

So we used up ALL of our time, figuring out why when we turn on DEBUG=True in the settings file,  the browser  did not display the stack trace.   Crap, this forum no longer scrolls up...  

So,  is there any other system wide setting files I have to edit to get this to work?




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