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I am running v12, released 10/04/2012.

I got this message from Amazon: 

Version “11.3” of “vTiger CRM - Customer Relationship Management provided by TurnKey Linux” has a potential security vulnerability. This potential vulnerability is related to the version of PHP and vTiger CRM included in the AMI.

You may continue using the "11.3", however, it is recommended that you mitigate the issue by doing one of the following:

1. Upgrade to the latest version (“13.0”) of vTiger CRM - Customer Relationship Management provided by TurnKey Linux; steps to upgrade are included below...

Do I need to think about upgrading? What does 13.0 have over 12.0?


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Sorry about delayed response...

The message you got, mentions v11.3 yet you have v12 (.0? .1?).

Although regardless at this point there is no v13 vTiger appliance. Unfortunately vTiger doesn't run out of the box on PHP5.4 (the version that is available in TKL v13.x).

I have started work on a patched version of vTiger so it will run on PHP5.4 but unfortunately have been bogged down with other work and haven't been able to get back to it...

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