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So, after the latest issues, i wanted to try an update, but for some reasons i cannot get the package manager to run.



Welcome to Lamp, TurnKey Linux 13.0 / Debian 7.2 Wheezy

 /usr/bin$ su root apt-get

apt-get: apt-get: cannot execute binary file


Any ideas?

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I'm guessing that your system has been quite 'tweaked' from standard TKL?

I've personally never come across that error before but google suggests that it's most common when 32 and 64 bit apps and libs get mixed up on a system. Any chance that might be the case?

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My system is pretty much as vanilla as they get, so i am afraid this must mean some bad corruption of the disk. :(


Only thing i can think of trying is to get home to my lan and login directly as root, but i guess that probably wont help anything?

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I have absolutely no explanation for this, but as i hoped, when i came home and were able to locally log in as root instead of using su from remote, apt-get worked without any problem.

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I have no idea either... But glad you're up and going now...

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