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I just ran what appeared to be a successful TKLBAM migration of PostgreSQL App from Squeeze to Wheezy.

It wan't though.

Though is I was in my Console when the Restore finished.  Separately I was in Webshell watching the Restore.

In Console I issued a Restart command (via menu).

When it returned I got the SSH Login Screen rather than Console.

A few more cycles of this I am finding trouble.  A few folders that had been loaded as bzr did not show up.  In SSH however I found that if I used my "up arrow" lots of commands that I actually ran months ago (to load the bzr" were in the scroll.

It seems perhaps that TKLBAM does not restore BZR loaded folders but I am not sure.  If it calls BZR to reload I probably should have been more patient before starting OpenERP which is in the system.

Anyway, I need my console back.  I probably need to try some more manual approaches, ie restoring Data separately from files etc.

I have a good system (Squeeze) just wanted a separate system to wack at a bit.

Maybe I install a fresh Wheezy Ap, Run Tklbam-init on the fresh syste.  Back up.  Then restore that Backup over this wacked one and maybe I could get those fundamentals back.

Any thoughts on this - how to get Console back anyway?   Thoughts on BZR folders too?

Best to all.


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So you've lost ConfConsole? Is that what you mean?

When you say 'folders loaded as bzr' I don't understand what you mean... Do you mean folders that you used to download code into with bzr? If so make sure that they are included in your TKLBAM backup (profile/config/etc).

My suggestion is to do a TKLBAM simulate on your v12 server and take careful note of everything included... Double check any customisation that you've made to the backup schedule. Obviously something not quite right there... Something that shouldn't be in there and/or something that should that isn't...

Also have you tried restoring your backup to a v12.1 server? Maybe it's a bug in the profile? Maybe it's something you've previously configured that's not quite right...?

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Lost ConfConsole yes.

Folders loaded from BZR Branch/Pull did not restore completely.  I think possibly because the BZR directories changed.  That said I would not expect TKLBAM to look to a BZR Server Directory for its data but perhaps it does.

I was going to try a v12 restore etc.  All takes time.  Thought I would post at first load it was wierd to lose ConfConsole.  The other issues showed up through the course of my writing the post.

As I find more I will note it.  This is related to my wanting to do TKLDEV for OpenERP which is a separate Forum post from yesterday.

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If you are in ConfConsole and you "exit" you end up in shell.  What command to reload ConfConsole from shell? Probably "confconsole".  I need to relaod the machine.  It is turned off just now I think.


yep:  confconsole

loads w/ my IP


bzr folder issues remain.  I will see if I can pull them through one at a time.

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But I think just


should do it...

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