First, when I try to connect to my virtual Turnkey Wordpress site, it is extremely slow.  I have IE 11.

Second, starting today, the mySQL database isn't starting - I have to manually start it.

Thanks in advance.


When I try to connect to my site, I get a message that there is a problem with the website certificate.

Thanks in advance.

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Firstly did you see the Security announcement? If you haven't already addressed it I strongly advise you to do that...!

Secondly, where is your server running? Is it hosted somewhere like the TKL Hub or another VPS provider? Or are you hosting it on your own server? If your own server is it just on a standard internet connection? What speed/bandwidth?

As for the certificate thing, have you got a third party certificate (from a trusted certificate authority)? If not then you are using the built in self signed certificate and getting a warning about that is expected behaviour. Your web browser won't automatically trust a self signed certificate as anyone can self sign certificates...

As for needing to manually start MySQL, that shouldn't be required... Something is definitely not right with your server...

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