Hello ,I realy need your help ,

I have nanostation M5 that i cant login into it after i enabled ssh and unchecked password authentication without

adding any key in the nano and now when i try to login from putty it asks me for a private key and i dont have that to give it , i was able to pull out the public key from it is there anyway u know to help me login to it

like to convert the public key to a private key that fits ??

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Firstly this is the forums for TurnKey Linux so not sure how useful we can be to you unless you are running TurnKey Linux on it...

Secondly, despite the above, AFAIK there is no good way to do what you are doing... The reason why keys are used for this sort of thing are because they are very secure...! I know nothing about these products, but unless you can get some sort of local session going (from a 'live' USB or something) I suspect that you now have a cute little brick... :-/

Surely the manufacturer has some support of some sort available? Or perhaps you can find some user group forum or something where you can get some answers from someone who knows the product... I personally have no idea...

Thanks for the reply I checked with their fourm their is another reset method that hopfully will solve it

about the key i was told there is no way to fix it,so this end my question.

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