Hi there,

I have been a happy Turnkey user for about a year now, with no aparent disasters happening to my Debian Wheezy setup.

But..recently disaster has struck and I am desperately trying to restore a backup from the Amazon cloud through TKLBAM. However, I get a long list of errors during the restore, it's a 64GB backup file, and in the end I end up with na-da.

I have already contacted Amazon AWS tech support for this, but is there anything else on the Turnkey side I have to look into? I have paid all my bills I swear, and the only major FU on my side is that I have cancelled my AWS account last week and reinstated it 5 days later..

Thanks for any help guys!



I was able to resolve these issues myself :)

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Glad to hear you are now sorted! Out of interest, in case someone else comes across a similar issue, how did you resolve it...?

I was just really lucky that Amazon was still able to recover my backups after almost a week. Also, it might have helped that I created a new Secret Key in my Amazon account while leaving the old one active as well.

You just have to have a lot of patience and kind of read through the stalled Webmin screens. Your backup will bring your server back to life eventually, despite the error messages, and it just takes ages.

Amazon also asked me to perform the following steps, fwiw:

1) Your subscription to TurnKey Backup and Migration was cancelled as a result of your account cancellation. You may need to subscribe again to continue your subscription.

2) In order to start using Amazon Web Services you'll need to re-subscribe to Infrastructure Services.

3) Under "Services You're Not Signed Up For," click the "Sign up now" button. Once you complete this step, you'll see a confirmation page and will receive a confirmation email when your services are reactivated. Once you've reactivated your services, we recommend reviewing your AWS Management Console. If you recently closed your account, we may not have reclaimed all the resources previously active under it.



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