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I use turnkey fileserver for about 2 weekes (tried before Freenas that is really complicated :() for ~20 users, all with windows 7 x64

I didn't succed to use separate turnkey users for each of them in order to map a network drive (incorect password every time, on every user :() so I uses root user to map a drive on every computer.

strange thing, on the test machine the users work perfect, i can define and use them ok, but on the production server no

the big problem is the speed, low speed for some things like saving big excel files (50-100MB)

the copy of files works fine, at >10 MB/s, but when I push Save button on excel sheet takes a long time, much longer than using other network share from windows computer or from Freenas

and the biggest problem is the folowing:

when a user open a file (excel), do something there, save and close and after few minutes he tries to reopen, get the message "files is already open" (by him :)), can only open in read mode

seems that the files il still loked for editing, but nobody use it

and stay locked many hours, usulay only after the night is unlocked

could be related with the single user (root) used to map network drive?





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AFAIK whist it may be seen as an issue with TurnKey Fileserver it's actually Windows related. They changed things between XP and Vista. In my experience you get the same thing happen when accessing fileshares hosted on older versions of Windows (e.g. XP/Server2k3) when accessed from Vista/Win7. I recall there were some reg tweaks I did (on Win7) which made it heaps better but it was still quite slow...

As for the file lock releases I'm not totally sure about that one but I do vaguely recall someone else mentioning that and possibly a work around too, but I can't find it now... :(

I just had a quick google and it seems that under Samba settings (should be doable via Webmin) there should be a Keepalive packets field where you can select Send every (and put a time). That should make Samba check to see if it needs to close locks. If that's it and it works, then perhaps we need to change the default setting on the TKL appliance. So let us know how it goes...

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