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I've had an issue where a newly created user on my server wasn't able to receive emails due to seLinux issues.  I've been working on it for a bit now, and seLinux is also now disabled.  This resulted in mail delivery being successful, but also created another odd issue.  For this same user, and only this user, the emails received are deleted right after being delivered as per maillog details.  No errors, or other messages to indicate why dovecot is taking that action.

Here is the messages from maillog:

Apr 17 12:12:23 HOST postfix/smtpd[1471]: BC25E209CB: client=unknown[CLIENT_IP_ADDR]

Apr 17 12:12:23 HOST postfix/cleanup[1496]: BC25E209CB: message-id=<MESSAGE_ID@DOMAIN>

Apr 17 12:12:23 HOST postfix/qmgr[1324]: BC25E209CB: from=<SENDER_EMAIL>, size=943, nrcpt=1 (queue active)

Apr 17 12:12:23 HOST postfix/local[1497]: BC25E209CB: to=<RECIPIENT_EMAIL>, relay=local, delay=0.36, delays=0.35/0.01/0/0.01, dsn=2.0.0, status=sent (delivered to maildir)

Apr 17 12:12:23 HOST postfix/qmgr[1324]: BC25E209CB: removed

Apr 17 12:12:23 HOST postfix/smtpd[1471]: disconnect from unknown[CLIENT_IP_ADDR]


Perhaps I'm reading the log files wrong, but I don't see any emails being received on that one account.  Emails sent to any other user are delivered without issue.


If you need anything else, let me know and I will provide it.

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Can't say I've ever come across anything quite like that before... Although TBH I'm no dovecot expert (by any stretch of the imagination...).

I really would not have a clue where to start with this one... The fact that it is only this particular user would make me be inclined to start looking at what sort of user level config is applied... I assume that you are testing with a test email sent to all of the users (to ensure that the same email is triggering different behaviour for different users...?

Sorry not much help really am I!?

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