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HI all.

I am trying to access my mySql VM from the internet. I can get to it from my internal network and I know it have access to the internet as it downloaded all its pathces when I installed it. 

I have done port forwarding on my router and I know I did that right as I have configured RDP to one of my machines.  

(Its in a 2012 Hyper-V VM)

I am a noob to linix, is there something special I need to do? Thanks!

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Double checked your port forwarding? IIRC you want port 3306. Make sure you use bridged networking (or similar) in your VM config. And make sure that your appliance can contact the outside world. Also you could do a port scan on your external IP to double check that your router is configured ok.

Bottom line is that if you can connect fine on your LAN then it's something to do with your router and/or network and/or VM settings. Perhaps double check with another PC on your LAN.

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