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How could we after deployment of your Apache-TomCat appliance on AWS Amazon through hub.turnkeylinux.org install Liferay Portal 6.2. CE ( community edtion ) a java Tomcat compatible portal ?

We have also posted this question on Liferay.com at:


Could you please give us ideally detailed / step by step instructions so as to avoid a multitude of setting up problems ?




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However it should be relatively straight forward. Actually, just looking through the docs, I note that it requires Tomcat 7. AFAIK the current TurnKey product is Tomcat 6. As such it probably will be a little more involved to install.

At a glance, you may actually be better off installing the version bundled with Tomcat to Core (I note that it can be downloaded from here). There appears to be docs on how to install from the bundle here although I haven't thoroughly read through it so am unclear on the details...

FWIW there has already been a request for a Liferay server noted in the TurnKey appliance candidate list however until someone picks it up and takes a lead development role on it, I have no idea when it will make it into the library.

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I looked at the liferay.com forum link above, and this doesn't seem to have been pursued.  Is that accurate?  Anyone make progess with this?

We're considering Liferay vs others, and apprciated the tidbits on the liferay forum re bitnami

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But as I noted above, installing the Liferay bundle that includes Tomcat (on top of TurnKey Core) is probably the easiest way to go in the meantime. Actually if you were to do that and documented your experience, then that may help push forward the development of a TurnKey Liferay appliance.

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