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After upgrading TKL to version 6.0.3 I cannot find my APPS to configure my owncloud?!
apt-get update && apt-get install owncloud
apt-get install owncloud=6.0.3-0
apt-cache showpkg owncloud
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the TKL version 5.0.12 the apps are needed to configure the owncloud

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Thank you, indeed!

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Rather than hijacking someone elses when your issue is quite different.

Also to make it easier for people to help you please provide enough details. Things like what version of TurnKey Linux you are running and if you've upgraded ownCloud. Also what you have tried; what you have checked; what error messages you are getting (preferably verbatim).

Once you've done that and if you aren't getting any responses or help; then I think it is legitimate to post on other ownCloud threads to let people know about your woes (and your new thread with all the info - i.e. trying to get the attention of ownCloud users/experts).

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