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I just downloaded the Wordpress VM and I am trying to install Samba. I have done this several times before and I am not sure where the process breaks down.

I installed Samba from the command line. It appears to be running, but does not show up in the Servers list.

When I try to install Samba using Webmin (Install Modules, samba, from I get the error that Samba requires Webmin 1.690. I have 1.630. When I try to upgrade Webmin using the built-in upgrade function, it tells me that I need to use apk. When I ran apk-get update from the cli, it tells me that I have the latest version.  How can I get around this?

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TurnKey package Webmin modules individually. So try this:

apt-get update && apt-get install webmin-samba
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Yay - thanks.

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