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I could login to TurnKey and access Webmin without any issues. But when I try to access phpMyadmin and Web shell I am getting a Connection Timed out error. I have no Idea what has happed and form where to start the checking. I checked apache log and I could not find any clues. I am sure that the apache is been configured correctly as my website loades fine. Also I have checked and verified that the port 12322 and 12320 are bypassed from firewall. Kindly advice, how I could resolve this issue.



Arun Kurian

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Webmin has it's own server (doesn't use Apache). Whereas AFAIK both phpMyAdmin (definitely) and Webshell (I think but not 100% sure) do so perhaps it is something you missed in Apache config. You could try to narrow it down a little by running netstat inside your appliance to check that your server is listening on the appropriate ports... You could also check for errors in the logs. Apache logs are in /var/log/apache2

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