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I enabled the Daily backup and I want to download the backup file on my laptop,

Could anybody tell me how to do that?



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Assuming that you are running a v13.0 appliance (which has TKLBAM v1.4) then you can relatively easily configure TKLBAM to backup to your laptop. First thing you'll need to do is decide what protocol you want to use and install and/or configure that on your laptop then set TKLBAM to use it. Details of what I am talking about can be found in the TKLBAM docs here.

I guess the other option would be to just backup to local storage on the server and manually copy it to your laptop.

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Thanks Jeremy for replaying

Where is the Backup files located in the server?

and which files I have to copy? (incremental or full backup or both?)


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Then personally I would force a full backup (at least the first time you run it). IMO there isn't much point of having a local backup if you don't have it all...!

As for where the files will be, ihf you use the --dump=/some/folder switch then your backup will be in /some/folder (note the hint about restoring too).

And to some it's obvious, but always makes sure that you regularly test your backups to make sure they're working (I use a disposable VM). I try to do it once a month at least. It's no good having a backup that when you need it it doesn't work!

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I tried the following command, but is doesn't work!,

The error messgae say that is no such folder, and i'm sure that folder is available!

could you advise, please?


root@processmaker ~# --dump=/var/www/processmaker/workflow/public_html
-bash: --dump=/var/www/processmaker/workflow/public_html: No such file or directory  
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I suggest that you either exclude the location where you save your backup or make sure you delete it after you have moved it, otherwise the size of your backup will grow exponentially. Also personally I would put it somewhere in the root home directory (but that's just me and my preference).

So I would try something like this:

mkdir /root/backup
tklbam-backup --dump=/root/backup --full-backup 1D
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Thank you for your Replay

I received the below erorr :(


root@processmaker ~# tklbam-backup --dump=/root/backup --full-backup 1D 
error: --full-backup incompatible with --dump=/root/backup
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Ok well it looks like a manual dump might always be a full backup (hence why the '--full-backup' switch is incompatible). I haven't tested extensively to be sure, but it wouldn't surprise me as IMO a local backup makes much more sense being a full/complete backup (rather than incremental).

So just omit that switch:

tklbam-backup --dump=/root/backu

It does seem to recurse more than it should (i.e. the backup folder ends up in the backup too) but it doesn't seem to get stuck recursing over and over again. You could avoid that by configuring tklbam to exclude /root/backup but I don't think it's make too much difference. Just remember to move/delete the folder contents before you run another backup, otherwise it will grow exponentially!

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Thanks alot :)


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Happy backups! :)

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