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Hi all, I'm a bit confused about the hubdns which I believe is the name of Turnkey's DDNS?

I have it installed on my server (which is a dedicated box, now a virtual box).  And I have read over the usage instructions so I'm fine there.  I'm just confused about where I go to select a dns name.

Any help appreciated.  



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Hi Jeremy

Great name BTW! :)

TBH I haven't used it as a Dynamic DNS provider for a local server, but it should work. The blog post[1] that announced it has some detail about using the command line (scroll down to the subheading "Dynamic DNS"). Given the example usage included there, I'm pretty sure that it works with the free domain name. However, it doesn't explicitly say how you go about reserving your free subdomain name.

You'll also need a free Hub[2] account (for the Hub API key). The announcement blog post demonstrates using a subdoamin, but TBH I'm not sure how you check that it's available for use. I have always used HubDNS when I'm launching AWS servers within the Hub and it checks to see if the name is available or not. You may just have to use trial and error?



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